Hear from the team

Jaewoong Cho

Core Research Team

I completed my doctoral program in information theory and machine learning at KAIST and then joined KRAFTON AI. When I first arrived here, I got the impression that many self-motivated people were gathered here, and were working as a team to responsibly perform tasks aligned with the organization’s vision. An organization that pursues only fun can lack sustainability, but KRAFTON AI has a culture that pursues ‘responsible’ fun. I consider it a fortune that so many self-motivated people were able to come together to build this environment where they can just enjoy their work.
KRAFTON AI has an environment where you can focus solely on research, and a culture that encourages you to freely share and discuss ideas with your colleagues. With the help of the Applied DL Department and the Service Department, our team can easily solve practical problems posed during the research process. It is also a great advantage to be able to closely collaborate with deep learning scholars like Kangwook Lee, our Division Lead, or Professor Dimitris. Such opportunities give us a great edge in the rapidly changing field of deep learning. KRAFTON AI is growing at an alarming speed, boosted by its marvelous environment and culture. We look forward to applications from those who are self-motivated and enjoy challenging tasks.

Bumsoo Park

Applied DL Team

Since joining KRAFTON, I have been enjoying top-tier benefits and a high level of autonomy. KRAFTON AI encourages you to do what you want, regardless of your field of study or role. I have conducted deep learning research at the top conference level, studied technologies that can be applied in practice, and provided deep learning technology to practitioners for feedback. Thanks to this culture of freedom at KRAFTON AI, I have been able to enjoy a wide spectrum of experiences so far, and I am looking forward to what more interesting things may happen in the future.

Jaehyeon Kim

TTS Research Team

I’m involved in researching/developing a voice synthesis model that can speak and express emotions like a human being here at KRAFTON AI. One of my roles is to improve our model so it reaches a serviceable level, and in the process we use the high-quality data that was collected and cleaned by the Applied Team and discuss how to improve the model further based on their experiment results. One big strength that sets KRAFTON AI apart is that you can collaborate freely with your colleagues and be flexible with your own work.
KRAFTON AI is a great place for you if you want to deliver enjoyment to others through deep learning research and development, and like to communicate with others when trying to achieve this goal. Don’t hesitate to look us up, contact us, or apply to join our team. I recommend you directly contact any researchers or engineers in your target domain or experience KRAFTON AI’s culture firsthand by applying for our AI Fellowship or Research Internship programs.

Gibbeum Lee

Natural Language & Voice Team

KRAFTON AI is an organization that does some interesting research stemming from proactive and organic collaborations among the Research, Applied, and Service Departments. KRAFTON AI’s strength is in its resource supply and work environment. First of all, we’ve never lacked resources like GPUs during research. You can get all the support you need from the company to conduct your experiments or develop your models. As for the work environment (culture), if I had to choose one keyword that describes our culture here, I would pick ‘freedom’. KRAFTON AI lets you exercise your discretion as much as possible. As long as it doesn’t stray too far from the corporate goal, you can engage in any research or development you like.
The organization is extremely horizontal, so frequent idea exchanges take place. These exchanges often lead to significant performance.
I recommend KRAFTON AI to anyone who wants to engage in proactive research or development while being supported by a free environment.