Online Virtual Friend

Our goal is to build a personalized virtual friend that can engage in close interactions with the player as they play a game. Virtual friends can be humanoid, animal-like, or more, and can exchange realistic and natural interactions with the player.

Live & Interactive Virtual Influencer

Our goal is to build an influencer that can interact with viewers during live stream media. We will use various deep learning technologies during the stream to provide viewers with a new dimension of fun.

Game Development with Deep Learning

Our goal is to embed deep learning technology in the processes used to develop games, reducing production times while at the same time maintaining the same level of quality. We innovate the work experience so that developers can focus less on the labor-intensive manual work and more on what matters the most.

Deep Learning in Game

Our goal is to make games more immersive and fun by directly involving deep learning technologies in gameplay. We can present more enjoyable game environments to players by making attempts like adding reinforcement learning-based agent players to games.