AI Fellowship Program

Starting from 2022, we have been recruiting and nurturing college students with top-notch AI skills in Korea through the AI Fellowship Program.

Deep Learning Conference & Seminar

We support trips to AI conferences for the enhancement of our members’ capabilities, and throughout the year, we host seminars inviting distinguished professors and researchers in the field of deep learning.

Division Workshop

We hold workshops 1-2 times a year to strengthen collaboration and communication among our members.


Dimitris Papailiopoulos

Visiting Researcher

During my visit to KRAFTON AI, the team I engaged with exhibited an extraordinary level of engagement and collaboration. Their openness and enthusiasm for external perspectives fostered a dynamic and productive brainstorming environment. Our discussions were vibrant and thought-provoking, with team members offering unique insights. This not only showcased their open-mindedness but also their commitment to fostering innovation. The degree of participation and deep interest for research I encountered at KRAFTON AI serves as a testament to the phenomenal teamwork and culture.
One of the highlights of my experience at KRAFTON AI was undoubtedly the company culture. The atmosphere encouraged seamless collaboration and communication among team members. However, the appeal to working at Krafton extends way beyond just the professional interactions. The amenities provided really made my experience great. From the exquisite food options to the tranquillity of quiet rooms and the comfort of massage chairs, every detail was designed to create an extremely desirable work environment. These thoughtful provisions, combined with the warm and engaging work culture, make me look forward to returning!
If I had to choose one word to describe the culture at Krafton, it would be “Pioneering”! This term described the company’s commitment to addressing complex, intriguing problems, coupled with an exceptional work environment that fosters creativity and innovation. The unique amenities provided really elevate this experience, making it (at least for me) unlike any other. The culture at KRAFTON AI is not just about meeting standards, it’s about setting them!

Kartik Sreenivasan

Research Intern

Overall, my experience at KRAFTON AI was absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed every moment of it. In fact, my teammates at Krafton AI made it extremely easy to adjust and feel at home even though I was coming to Korea for the first time. I always felt my opinion was valued and I loved the fact that everyone was open to new ideas. 

KRAFTON’s work environment was one of the best I have seen in my work history. The office had everything I needed to stay content and productive. 

If I had to choose one word to describe the culture at KRAFTON AI, it is ‘open’. Everyone was open-minded and is always willing to listen to new ideas, no matter where they come from. People treat each other with a lot of respect and value each other’s ideas. Everyone is enthusiastic and motivated about working and extremely passionate about what they do. It is truly inspiring.

I think KRAFTON AI is best suited for people who are passionate about research and want to improve their own knowledge and skills while contributing to cutting edge deep learning research.

Jang Yooseong

Research Intern

“The members at KRAFTON AI were mentors, colleagues, and friends that I will never forget. Every single team member is an expert in their field and always shares their knowledge with other team members. This allowed me to constantly learn from my colleagues. Additionally, we always approached problem-solving in a horizontal and evidence/logic-based manner, discussing with team members to get closer to solutions. Through various team-building activities, including workshops that I will never forget, we got to know and rely on each other. The environment at KRAFTON AI offers anyone the opportunity to bring about change. One of the most important things in the current deep learning research trend is computing resources like GPUs, and having a lot of resources allowed me to immerse myself in my research. Also, as I mentioned earlier, having colleagues I could have discussions with at any time thanks to the horizontal structure allowed me to express my ideas at any time, and those ideas often got implemented.
I would like to recommend KRAFTON AI to people who are passionate about deep learning and want to bring about changes in the world through it, and want to conduct projects in line with deep learning trends and build their careers.”

Hyunsik Ham

Research Intern

Although it was a relatively short period, my time spent at KRAFTON AI will be a positively memorable experience for a long time. What I appreciated most during my time there was the culture of mutual respect and support among team members. Thanks to this, I witnessed multiple instances where brilliant ideas not only sparked encouragement but were also actively integrated into the actual processes. Despite the department’s size, it left a strong impression on me that we were able to achieve outstanding results in such a self-directed and autonomous atmosphere.

Regular meetings allowed us to stay well-informed about each other’s tasks, and everyone approached projects that demanded both high-level deep learning research and practical applications with enthusiasm and efficiency. The working environment, be it PCs, laptops, or the various spaces like cafes, restaurants, lounges, and meeting rooms, was also highly satisfactory. The excellent environment served as both a consideration for the well-being of KRAFTON team members and a conducive atmosphere for maximum focus on our work.

Hearing from others, I could sense immense satisfaction with the company, department, and the people, along with a strong sense of pride in working here. If you ever have the opportunity to work at KRAFTON AI, I strongly recommend not hesitating to apply!

Kyunghoo Mun

Research Intern

My experience at KRAFTON AI has personally enhanced my research capabilities significantly. When I joined the company, I was pleasantly surprised by the horizontal and open atmosphere at KRAFTON AI. Particularly, the opportunity to work alongside outstanding experts in various fields, where I could seek guidance and ask questions at any time, whether during research, mealtime, or coffee breaks, left a lasting impression on me.

As someone who majored in pure mathematics, most aspects of deep learning were unfamiliar to me initially. However, through weekly research meetings, I quickly grasped the fundamentals of machine learning and tackled complex technical issues, which allowed for substantial growth. I was also impressed by KRAFTON AI’s Research Team, which supports theoretical research across various domains, much like global giants such as Google or Amazon.

I highly recommend KRAFTON AI to those with a strong desire to pursue top-notch research in a free-spirited environment. I believe it’s an exceptional organization where personal growth aligns with company growth. Whether you have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in machine learning or, like myself, a strong foundation in theoretical aspects, I am confident that you can experience significant growth within the company.

Sehyun Kwon

Research Intern

In my opinion, KRAFTON AI is an organization where every member is self-motivated. The mutual respect, kindness, and passion for research among its members have led to significant synergistic effects. There are regular, free-flowing discussions on research topics and high-level feedback in daily interactions.

As a result, I have been able to develop research ideas quickly and naturally. Furthermore, despite the potential challenges in paper writing, the excellent welfare and the abundant support provided have created an environment where I could concentrate solely on papers, which has been immensely helpful. The papers produced in this environment were submitted to ICLR, a top-tier conference in machine learning.

Throughout my internship, I felt I was growing every day, learning how to think and collaborate from my exceptional colleagues.

This research internship at KRAFTON AI is likely to be one of the most precious experiences of my graduate studies. I strongly recommend it to everyone!